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Liberty reserve NEws update :BEWARE


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Jan 26, 2009
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You should take a close look at the below if you use Liberty Reserve!

In December of 2008, a hacker gained access to the Liberty Reserve system. Over a three month period the hacker removed over $1 million dollars from customer accounts and cashed those digital funds out into national currency. In March the Liberty Reserve web site went offline for several days to seal the open access which allows the hack and stolen funds. Several account holders now claim to be seeking legal action.
wikipedia source

once more Liberty reserve hide there address after that tragedy and more news according to Newyork atorney`s office the owner of LR who is also goldage.net and liberty reserve owner which name is Amed Mekovar, real name: Ahmed Yassin, AKA.“Ragnar”, Vladimir Kats now got charge of doing illegal money transmittal business.more news about them available here.(liberty reserve use fake address by ecommerce-journal )

Will you still conduct business with them, or do you think this is all fake ?
Thank you for sharing, I stay away from this system it looks like a BIG scam and they also provide payment service for Child porn and all other iligal stuff it is a big no go for every business which don't want troubles.