List of reliable hosting provider


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What's your list of reliable hosting provider?
My list is:, and


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The best thing about is their customer support. It shows they aren’t afraid of their customers talking (as they’re always so happy), it’s a really helpful team.


Well-Known Member and are worth trying.
These guys talk the talk and they walk the walk. They appear to genuinely care and understand the value and importance of their customers.


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As for reliable and really professional Linux VPS hosting in Europe, can suggest looking at solutions.
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Reliable hosting providers are: and
Solid Hosting. Recommended due to following reasons: 1) Good support. 2) Low Prices. 3) Good server speed and up time. 4) Old /experienced company with little or no hiccups in the processes. I would highly recommend them.


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I contact cPanel host, their sales rep explained me everything and found really good hosting package for my needs.
Tech support was also responsive and helped with setup. Great plus for their team.

These guys know how to keep their clients 100% satisfied and happy using hosting service without any headaches.


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I am with shared hosting for 2 years and yes, it is not as reliable as my other hosting which I use for business. For the money it is a great service.