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lobstr wallet trusted?



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Hey just wanted to know what everyone's feedback is on LOBSTR — Simple and Secure Stellar Wallet ?

i have read some really bad reviews from 2 years ago but they are still currently around.

The reason i am thinking of using lobstr as my wallet is because i am starting an ICO using stellar token very soon and my developer contact recommended this wallet but for all i know he could own it lol.


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It depends, I like it because it's simple to use and for new people (clients) it's easy to understand... but if you have a developer I recommend you to use Solar instead of Lobstr since it's easier to work with (and test)... Now, since solar it's a custodio wallet I also recommend pair it with lobstr vault so you have a second key to confirm transactions.

If you are going to work with custom assets you will find out there aren't much options available and I will recommend you to create your own wallet for it (should be easy for your developer)
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Thanks for the information EAdeveloper i see you post alot of great info here in many of the threads. Would you say that an ico operating using the stellar token will be okay? when i said my developer its my current freelancer i would be interested in getting in touch with you privately. I'm going to upgrade to silver membership @Admin keep an eye out for my payment.


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It is a full automatic process, the coins just need to clear with coinbase before their payment gateway reports back to the upgrade process.

Enjoy your stay and thanks for your support.


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since solar it's a custodio wallet
I'm correcting myself, I was talking about lobstr being a custodio wallet. That's why they developed lobstr vault too (it's similar to the stellar guard logic).

Would you say that an ico operating using the stellar token will be okay?
What do you mean with ok? if you are concerned about how easy will be for others to get your ICO then it will be harder than with an ICO in the Ethereum network because of Wallets available, there are multiple options for assets in the Stellar network too but they are more advance and less user friendly (stellarport,, etc). The only wallet I can say it's easy for new users is Lobstr.

Now, the Stellar network is good for STOs because you can prohibit people to have your security token (or freeze the funds) and that way it's easier to tell the regulators you are not letting people wash money easily plus it's really fast and cheap to send value with it. For example in my business people exchange tokens that are pegged to a real estate in just 5 seconds and pay nothing in transaction commissions (one of the addresses in my system pay for all transactions fees which are less than a cent) without requiring to be a custodio wallet (my clients have their own keys).

So what I'm trying to say is: if you only want to do an ICO to fund your business you should go to Ethereum where more money is and where it's easier for others to buy your coin since it's the more famous blockchain for this kind of stuff (and wallets available/adoption is way bigger). You should go with Stellar if you don't care of raising funds and are more interested in what the chain can offer you.
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