Long term capital gains tax on stock market?


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Hello im new sorry if this is a stupid question lol.

Is there a offshore strategy to avoid paying long-term capital gains tax

Let’s say you invest in the stock market for 20 years, and your investment appreciates to $20 million?

Martin Everson

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A lot depends on your current country of residency and its tax rules. For example if you lived in Spain and had a current portfolio of over 4m euros if you tried to leave Spain to avoid capital gains tax in future you will be hit with Spain's 'Exit Taxation'. You will be taxed on unrealized gains in your stock portfolio at 23%. However if you move to another EU country you will only need to declare and be taxed on gains if you sell within 10 years or then move outside EU...lol. Still a long time to be watched by home country.

Best to move now to a country with no capital gains if you intend to hold and keep the stock portfolio without trading in and out of positions or put in an offshore structure depending on how offshore structures are treated in your home country.