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Hi, I am looking to start an ofshore LLC or company. I spoke with someone who may be wiling to set this up.

He said he can set up the company, but not the bank.

I would not be dealing with large sums at first. Initialy, I would be testing the waters. We're talking less than 5K in a bank acount at open.

I wouldn't initialy take a salary from this company and wouldn't want to report anything to the government if legally possible. I would want to see if I could grow the company.

It would also be ideal if this were linked to the company and not me personally. I've had legal issues with the government before. The more private and seperate this is, the better. I want this company as removed from me as an individual as theoretically possible. Laws change and if in the future there become stricter banking requirements and the government decides to take all my assets and any assets in any company I'm associated with, I'd like to be as protected as I can by this being as secretive and anonymous as possible. I'd even prefer if the company isn't linked to my name, but don't know if I can legally do this or how it would be done while still maintaining control.
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution

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DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution