Looking for banking option for Bahamas Company

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  1. Todd Morrill

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    I have a a variety of breweries and pubs in Colombia that are owned by a Bahamas Company.

    I am looking for a place for the bahaams company to bank.

    I am currently at loyal bank, and just dont like it, they turn around wires and just feels like shit service.

    Ideally I would bank at a "Real Bank" hongkong or singapore.

    Any suggestions? I can fly to wherever I need, would rather not. I have nothing to hide and want a real bank.

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  2. negon

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    Welcome aboard :)

    Take a flight to Cyprus and open an account with Bank of Cyprus! It's easy and possible if you visit the bank through an introducer!
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    Did you ever found a valid solution for your business ?
  4. sglion

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    Singapore is great place to bank, you might need to travel, and in the event, you might other jurisdictions I think Mauritius can be a great place too, in case you might need more just let me know...

  5. negon

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    What bank in Mauritius would you suggest and does the bank requires introducer?