Macbook pro or not?

Discussion in 'The talk about everything lounge' started by Dubsize, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Dubsize

    Dubsize Member

    Hey guys,
    time has come for me to get a new computer.
    last one I bought (Toshiba satellite) was in 2011 - still working but getting old.
    however, I was off course looking at a mac book pro since everybody seems to have a mac book but was shocked when I saw the price.
    I'm not a designer neither a photograph or musician . I need it only for internet navigation, e-mail, word, excel etc... nothing too serious.
    does it worth putting 2000 euros in it ? not sure... but seems like mac is much better in the long run than a PC.
    anyone of you as a mac? pros and cons?
  2. diablo

    diablo Trusted Member Mentor Group Sponsor Business Angel

    I have been satisfied with my MacBrook since I bought it for almost 1 year ago :)
  3. Okanda Fernando

    Okanda Fernando Member Entrepreneur

    since you have nothing much to do MacBook is more than better for you and yeah...MacBook pro is so expensive.
  4. Tamarind

    Tamarind Member

    If you like it, why not.