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Main hurdles before setting up an Offshore company in Cyprus


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Sep 19, 2009
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What are the hurdles before setting up an Offshore company in Cyprus?I am convinced that the business opportunities for an offshore company in Cyprus is immense.But in every system there may be difficulties.If you analyze those details well ahead of others,You would be a successful business entrepreneur.I want a detailed reply from my friends here.
Well, you won't find any real hurdles when you incorporate in Cyprus, the requirements for the Cyprus company formation are very little and most can get them... next when you are in the process to prepare the company formation, you should make sure to use Foreign Nominee services since the company will be excempted from tax by doing so. Finally you will need to file a Annual report which might be the biggest issue in all this, that said, it isn't an real issue since your Cyprus company formation agent will do this for you.

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