Mentor Group is a great area of the forum, I learned a lot Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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    Hell I have to post this.

    I was looking for some time, long time, for some help to get me setup the way I wanted. I found useful information on the so called "public forums" but never the key to how to setup everything.

    Mentor group was my try in order to try to sort it all out and find a way to setup my company total, like total, anonymous without providing my documents, phone number, IP address and all that!

    If you read this and in a situation where you can't figure out how the guys are doing all this, then it's worth to signup for the mentor group as I did.

    If you already know what to do then it's not for you if you ask me.
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    Hoping to join soon as well!
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    Did you received my BTC payment :) please upgrade sir thu&¤#
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    Thank you, welcome to the Mentor Group thu&¤#