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  1. Bake22

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    Hey, there is a great alternative to Leopay called Monese they are in UK and you just connect it to TransferWise borderless account and then you connect it to PayPal.

    You download Monese app, register, check some EU country (even if you are not there).

    If you have some proof that you are student send them email that you want Student Plus account (1 year free Plus plan).

    Use someone's refferal to get 10$ free.

    Now UkPostBox (you can send cards), check personal account, po box poole, letter payg. Tell them you need box for Monese card. Register with your real adress.

    Delete your adress in Monese app and put your PO Box adress.

    You will get package in PO for about 10 days with a photo proof.
    You will need to pay 1£ for package.
    Send it as letter to your real document as product of UK, value 0.
    Reason of export: sending document.

    ***If you are not a student deposit is 5$.

    Card will be in your post office in a few days.
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  2. Samuel Newman

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    thank you for sharing!

    how was your experience with them?
  3. extremedox101

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    im not studentsmi(&% can i signup ? accept non EU applications?
    could you buy crypto with their card?

    who own it ?
  4. Harrytinder

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    Do they accept card deposits?
  5. Bake22

    Bake22 New Member

    Yes, 5$ deposit for new users
    (non students).
    Yes, non EU, check some EU country anyway.

    I don't know about crypto.
  6. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    thanks thu&¤# thu&¤#

    hope good support
  7. buenosdias

    buenosdias Active Member

    I'm a non-EU/EEA citizen and I don't live in that area. Can I still get an account using a mail forwarding address?
  8. MrTony

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    What the next? Will I need to upload my utility bill? Which address should I mention?