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Sep 19, 2009
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Human being is the a best domestic animal found on this earth.All of them are running after money,power,peace, fame and so on directly or indirectly.But the percentage of above requirement is different from one person to another.I am expressing my distribution pattern honestly which is given below. I hope the same from my friends here too.

Money- 30%, Peace-35%, fame-20%, power- 15% =total 100%
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pkc3000 said:
hey guy I have read your topic and I am not fully satisfied with your opinion about ranking. For me first priority is PEACE, money, power & fame.
Hi pkc3000,

You haven't gone through my discussion entirely.I have given highest allocation to "Peace" that is 35%.Everybody knows peace is most important in our lives but it is an universal fact of 21th century that, without money you can't live peacefully.So my next allocation is 30% for "Money".I have tactically placed "Money" in first position of four important needs to judge the ability to respond.

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