Moved from Germany to Switzerland. Crypto Trader. Not Happy. What next?

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Let's talk numbers a bit:

It is in the 6 figures for 2020 and it is in 7 figures in 2021
I relocated in the middle of 2021. According to my lawyer I'm taxable till the mid of 2021 in Germany. After that in Switzerland. Best year would be 2021 so far.

I did payed nothing yet. So that is the reason I'm getting a nervous a bit. Have to make the declaration for Germany till 31.07.22 (for all the past). Actually I wanted to make do it very clean with Germany. The reason is I'm planning coming back and that every bank/broker asks for the source of wealth. Then at least it would be possible to prove it. It doesn't make sense to have so much money in crypto. Just a bit pissed of Switzerland since they want already some numbers, which I can't provide until the declaration in Germany is finished.

Exactly. I'm aware of it. Actually moved to Switzerland to protect future profits. But that might have been an error on my side.

I traded on a lot of exchanges. Most are outside of Europe. I think the risk of sharing data comes from the big ones like binance. So even If I do this kind of trick. Who knows if later the law would require to report large balances to European countries. Of course nobody knows. But if the chance is only 5%, I don't want to take it (jail time in Germany).

According to the rules I would be resident in Switzerland. The alternative would be Germany (which isn't better). You just need 90 days to become taxable in Switzerland.
I'm not saying Switzerland is very bad. Just it also is kind of expensive. Like I think even 34% tax if you are classified as a trader. Still better then Germany, but not so much better and isn't worth the effort at the end.
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It depends how much money you have. Monaco is 0% income tax. Same timezone as Germany. Not far away from Germany.
Andorra is 10% income tax (in theory). but I think you can avoid paying anything , because no CFC or effective place of management rules in Andorra.

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