My company needs some help with from Paypal experts

I stumbled across this website yesterday looking into offshore solutions. I've spent 6h+ reading the forums already!

I have an extensive gaming background. In 2014 I eventually put my contacts to work and formed an e-commerce store which sells gaming currency. Lets say it's WoW Gold. Between 2014 - 2016 I had a business account in Canada. In 2016 Paypal banned us, and all our competitors in North America. Our UK, and Chinese competitors seem to have been untouched.

Initially I thought it was just North America that was under fire due to a tightening grip over "virtual currencies" and gaming currencies falling under the same category. During this period Bitcoin also spiked and started going mainstream.

I have recently made a Portuguese Paypal, but after 100k Euros being moved through the account in under a week, I was perm limited. It was a business account - sole proprietorship. I have Canada-Portugal dual citizenship.

Now, I'm wondering which jurisdiction I should try next? I want to run an 100% legal business. I'm fine with paying taxes.

  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • UK
  • Hong Kong
Seem to be options. I'm open to jumping through all legal obstacles to make this work. Anyone got any ideas which might be my best option?

Edit: I need to have a fully functional Paypal to both receive and send. My CB rate is slightly under 1%.

I may need help to have a physical address at one of these locations if anyone has suggestions. I am open to traveling!
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