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Greetings and glad tidings,
Thank you for making the effort in reading my first post here. I'll try to be brief here, and post more details in the form of various questions I have.
Drinks have been my professional trade for over 20 years. Now I am in the market to be the licensor of various white label and private label formulations. I am working on creating a sound offshore construction. I trust I will have lots to learn from you.
My aim is to have a holding of soft-assest (IP) in Estonia, an operational corporation in Montenegro and establish tax-residency in Georgia.
The products should become available world-wide, on a local, small scale.
There is more, but not for this post.

I've been a global nomad for 10 years, a father since the last five and all-in-all I have travelled most of my adult life at least four months a year.
Since I became a father, I got installed a great bullshit filter and now think in dynasties...

Ikigai is a Japanese term for the fortunate situation where one is doing what one love, is good at, the world needs, and is profitable. I find myself working towards my goals in this way.
I have no need for succes for myself per se. I have nothing to prove. But I am happy to play the game of commerce and private commerce so I can be in the best position to serve this amazing creation. Some call the creator God, Allah, Rama-ding-dong or other things, I spell it N-A-T-U-R-E.
So I look hard to find the pure principles of creation and turn that in to products that nurture the core of our being. And I am very good at it.

I aim to have the fruits of my work quietly sitting in a fridge near you, ready to quench you in a way that makes you remember your reason for being.

It's five o'clock somewhere....

Curious to see any reactions to this here post. I aim to update and reply here on a once-a-week basis.

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DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution