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My Lr Acc Have Been Hacked Twice Within 2 Weeks


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Sep 12, 2009
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Dear friend

It is happen at my LR account recently

being unauthorized transfers twice $80 and $20

I do changed many times my password, pin, masterkey

Also I make long password, almost 15 word long.

I just feel stranged that normally LR will send me email regarding any activity on my account

either receiving or sending money.

BUT when this happen twice, it doesn't send any confirmation email that someone was open my account tranfers to the another account

I just know it when I open my Account.. and I change my password right away, but It keep happening at my account

I already send support ticket to LR but never get answer.

I never give someone my password, also I was aware about phising site

If anybody has experience the same thing,please share for me how to protect my LR account.

my questions

- How secure LR account?

- How come it happen without sending confirmation email that some one has transfer money from my account?

- did 3 layer of security save?

- How do I filing complaint about this, because I never get answer from LR support ticket
Oh thats really bad. I have been reading a lot of complaints here bout LR. I dont think its safer anymore to trust your money there. However do ask the site admin there if the money fraudal activities can be recovered and renumerated. Its their lapse of security right?
I never get confirmation messages when I make a transaction from Liberty Reserve. Strange.......

And my money has never been stolen too. I check daily and my money is always there.

Can you post a sample of the LR confirmation e-mails you used to get before??

That would help.

Also, check the transaction history page in your account.
wildy said:
Check you profile there. Which mail address is there? Is it you one or a strange one?

If it is strange, deleted it. Check you computer, you seemed to be hijacked by somebody.
Right, I forgot to tell him this. And if your e-mail address is different than the one you set, then quickly scan your computer for malware and spyware, which steal your login details. After all's clear, go to every account you've opened in all the sites you've been to and change the password.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

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