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My Paypal got hacked for the second time


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Jan 3, 2009
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Around 1 month back someone used my paypal to pay for his hosting .i had to write to the company and then my amount was reversed i changed the password and again today on 8th jan same amount was deducted from my paypal and i had to change my password again . the wierd thing is that the last time when i got hacked i was in a different city on different computer .

today i had to change the password again i dont know if my pc is still hacked or not . my mind is totally f***ed up i dont know what to do . i already have many different password of different forums in my mind its really becoming hard for me to remember so many different passwords .

i dont know if the person have my each and every password with him .

is there a system in my paypal account using which amount will be deducted every month on a particular given day ? automated kind of thing ? please let me know . am confused and pisseddd off .
format your computer and reinstall your OS, also check if the hacker has a email address in your paypal addon emails, also check if you have any subscriptions going out.
Great suggestions. I would just like to add that you should consider changing your e-mail's password as well. The person may have access to your e-mail address, so when you changed your password on certain sites, they can still do the "forgot password" thing on the site, and the new password will be sent to the e-mail address that they have access to.