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Need a Moneybookers account to receive money


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Sep 12, 2009
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Hi All,

I'm working for ziddu and looking for person with verified moneybookers or paypal account to receive funds from ziddu every months. I can't use my own accounts as both moneybookers and paypal doesn't allow users from my country (Ukraine) to receive payments.

So, the deal is: I put your account to ziddu, they send you a payment, you resend it to my egold or alertpay account for 10%. First payment will be in a few days and it will be ~14 usd, but the next month payment will be over 70 usd.

Requirements: skype or icq; honesty
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Yes, of course and the Easter bunnies laying eggs and do not forget that Santa Clause is coming through the chimney....

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