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Need to help my friend on problem of thefts!


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Feb 3, 2009
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Hello everybody, I need your views on a situation. I have a friend of mine who is working as a manager in small firm. He has issues with his boss about some thefts in their firm. There are certain employees on whom he has got his eyes, but he is not sure. He is very upset about this and I want to know that what are the possible precautions and solutions that I can suggest him so that he will be in a better state?

Thanks n advance!
Hi Philipp and welcome :)

Small firm with theft problems, can be dangerous for the company, I would just go and ask all employees to if they know anything, explain the situation to them and give some warnings.
First of all, you should make your friend understand that this is not such a big problem. Where there is a firm or business, things are bound to happen at a later stage. He needs to be more attentive and should develop a closer relation with his subordinates so as to let him know what goes on his back. The best way to know the internal issues is to be one among them and have a trustful of colleagues that will assist you. He doesn’t need to form a different group, but have some good tactics for such issues. As for the security concerns, he can suggest insurance for business thefts, if there is any property theft, security cameras could be handy. There are thefts of different kinds and have their dependent solutions. For a better perspective on this, you can visit business theft, that some good information on such issues.
Well, for some years ago I had a retail store where we sold computer parts (software / hardware) and from time to time some items simply disappeared and no one was able to tell me if the items in question was sold or just vanished. As the los wasn’t so big in the beginning, I didn’t care that much about it, however while the problem increased as time go, I decided to setup cameras without telling my employees that they was up. Now I found out that someone took the items in my store and sold them on his own.

I know it is not allowed to setup cameras without to notify your employees, but at least I got it stopped, and no one knows the day today that I knew it, I just fired this employee because of another reason.
Oh the topic starter got banned. Anyways if you are suspicous of theft then check your acountabilities first. Investigate until you get enough proof then forward it to your attorney or you can just directly talk to the person involved and ask them why are they doing this.

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