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Need to know how to setup a Cyprus company for Forex Trading?

Well, you will need to know that is isn't going to be easy.

You should get a license from Cyprus Stock Exchange Committee ( CYSEC) for offering financial services if you are offering one of the following services:

(a) Reception and transmission of orders

(b) Execution of orders

© Portfolio management

(d) Provision of investment advice

The capital required for one or more of the above services is EURO 200.000

If the company is offering service (a) and/or (d) above and does not keep clients’ monies, then Capital can be reduced to EURO 80.000

The capital required for one or more of the following services is EURO 1.000.000

(a) Dealing on own account

(b) Underwritting

© Placing of financial instruments without a firm commitment basis

(d) Operation of Multilateral Trading Facilities
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Also for more information on costs and requirements to register a Forex Trading Company you can check this link : How to Register a Forex Trading Company in Cyprus
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