Need your advices. What are the best UK watches brands?


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I decided to make a notion on the UK watches market and find really good brand.
I have already found Whollow and their men's watches offering in the UK.
What can you say about this brand? Any view points on their pricing?


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If you're in the market for a high quality watch and are looking for price/quality relationship you should definitely take a look at Tudor. They are priced very well for the quality you get and you can find them with big discounts on the "grey market". I've Rolex as well and the Tudor is from the same family, quality is superb, right up there with the big brother. Just my 2c.


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I am not a super expert on watches, but I do have a small collection, and I can say that national brands are rarely if ever really from that country. For example, the USA has a huge number of watch brands, but last I heard only one produce their own watches themselves with movements and all (they started very recently). You should also avoid all fashion brands like Hugo Boss and such. You would get a much, much better watch buying a cheap Seiko or Casio. Even Japanese watches can be allowed to be called Made in Japan if they have Chinese parts. The best Japanese watches are Grand Seiko and in terms of value for money and quality they are better than the Swiss watches.

If you want really good value for money, you could buy a Chinese Seagull watch. Never heard of them? They are the world's biggest manufacturer of movements, and if your watch is not Japanese or Swiss, probably the parts are from Seagull (even if it is a premium watch). You can however buy an original Seagull watch, not one made with Seagull parts, and they have some real premium watches costing 10 000 USD or more.

If you want a cheap watch, you can also get a really good deal on an automatic movement Seagull watch. I compared prices in stores in China, and the online stores selling to Europe and the USA, and often they have as good or even better prices, so go ahead and take a look if you want. I do not think you would be disappointed!