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Neighboring country is to compete with India in global outsourcing


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Oct 14, 2009
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India is now one of the most favorable places for the offshore buyers because of its because of its low cost, quality work, customer satisfaction and on time delivery. There are so many developers and web designers in India who are ready to grab the opportunity to work with the offshore buyers. If we go with the statistics then we will come to know that India is strengthening its position in the global outsourcing market.

I have a strength believing in India and also think in a few years many will make use of this country for their outsourcing of Support tasks, software development and other areas of business. Already now you see that India has rised their rates dramatically so it has become more expansive to outsource but still it is nothing compared to other regions of the globe.
No I do not agree. The neighboring countries of India can't compete with India while getting outsourcing contracts from overseas. It has many reasons.

1- India has highest numbers of quality English speaking people of the world.

2- Infrastructural facilities are better than the neighbors.

3- High standard of IT education.

4- Most important- Indian IT professionals are equipped with democratic mindset and non-religious attitudes.
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India an globle outsourcing Over the prior decade India has clearly emerged as a country-wide outsourcing success story. The South Asian outsourcing destination booked $22 billion in business in 2006 by answering customer phone calls, managing computer networks, processing accounting transactions and writing custom application software for companies from all over the world. Other developing countries see what outsourcing has done for India's economy, such as creating more than 1.4 million jobs during the past decade, and want to replicate that success for themselves. "National and even regional governments are making increasingly sophisticated efforts to attract offshore IT services," says Paul Laudicina, head of the Global Business Policy Council at A.T. Kearney Inc.

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