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New about Liberty Reserve - BEWARE


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Jan 26, 2009
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According to the WikiPedia they lost 1 million USD of clients funds, they are plain stupid and don't know how to handle a money transaction business.

I advice everyone which is just thinking of using them to find another solution... it is a big no go.

Find more about this New York County District Attorney's Office

The indictment charges that the defendants operated an illegal money
transmittal business that received and transmitted $4 million between

January 1, 2006 and June 30, 2006. The investigation leading to

today’s indictment determined that GOLDAGE (GoldAge - The Busiest Forum about EuroGoldCash, Liberty Reserve, Forex and HYIP Investments!)

was set up by BUDOVSKY and KATS in 2002, and at least $30 million was

illegally transmitted to accounts worldwide since the start of the

defendants’ illegal activities. BUDOVSKY and KATS allowed individuals
Liberty Reserve has no office. The address of LR is fake | Ecommerce Journal-more about virtual economy|e-commerce and money news|articles|forex and stocks news|banks|investment|gambling
LR is not a big company, they might have a large volumen but I reading from then net, you will see they are only a handful of people there and they are a bunch of crocks.

I would never signup with them.

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