New Latvia 0% corporate tax - like Estonia

Discussion in 'TAX Issues or Questions' started by blockchain4ever, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. blockchain4ever

    blockchain4ever Active Member

    Did anyone notice that Latvian companies now pay 0% corporate tax?
  2. blockchain4ever

    blockchain4ever Active Member

  3. KJK

    KJK Building Trust Entrepreneur

    It's not as straightforward as it sounds.

  4. Martin Everson

    Martin Everson Offshore Consultant Business Angel

    So now have had Georgia, Estonia and Latvia move to this system of taxation i.e only at point of distribution. It actually makes sense to do things this way. Hopefully more countries will follow but unfortunately this model only favors smaller economies not huge welfare states smi(&%
  5. realcat

    realcat Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I hope it stays this way, Latvia changes their taxation laws very regularly.