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New server setup for our web services and corporate website.


Dec 29, 2008
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Many have noticed that the our websites have been loading slow and even sometimes not pulled up at all, this was due to a slow and overload server setup.

Today and during the next 48 hours we are replacing the old servers with some new load balanced and redundant server systems and apologize for any inconvenience.

I will update this thread as soon as we have finalized this process.
Quick update.......

Looks like the worst is over now and we are running on the new servers, if you are still expiring any problems, please post here.

It has been a huge task for the hosting company to get everything moved, they are still working on the optimizing of all this, anyway now we are running on a load balanced server system which should give both our forum and all other websites a much better performance.
It could still be that the DNS need to update since the name servers have been updated and a lot of other DNS stuff.... so we will have to see how everything work in 24 hours.... but it looks like everything works as it should do.
Yes but it didn't lost long, liquidweb who is the company hosting our servers has configurated the first servers way to small, new servers are to be build now and we expect them to get online within the next 10 hours.

Further downtime is expected... we hope that everything will be in place and work stable once the new servers are up.

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