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Niches lead to riches?


Offshore Agent
Mar 3, 2009
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There are so many online products to sell and so much competition that it might be worth it to find a small niche so you aren't competing against larger and more well-funded marketers. The problem is, where do you begin to find a small niche?
It is quite hard to find a niche that suits all of us. Most people opt for the bigger ones and soon find themselves bogged down in the intense competition. Small niche are quite small in number and many of the niches don't earn quite a lot to stay in the green line forever which makes it relatively hard to find them.
I think "niche" more in the regards of a demographic type then a product type. Once you identify and cultivate a good demographic you can offer products that will appeal and turn over to sales, to the people in your list
Just go to google analytics and you'll find what's searched for the most and how many results are there in that particular keyword or keywords.

Niche marketing does tend to lead to better results than directly jumping into affiliate marketing from a wide-eyed approached.
To find the right niche for you then you have to study a lot of things. You could start by observing about what happening to your place. Most often good niche comes from places you never think about.