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NIKKEI Stock index


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Sep 12, 2009
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Japan has the NIKKEI 225 index (N225) which record the average change in stock price at 225 blue chip stock exchange, the institution authorized to carry out the calculations is NIHON KAIZUI Simbun , NIKKEI stock average services as an indicator of the average movement of stock prices since 1971, at first NIKKEI 225 introduced at OSAKA Securities Exchange (OSE) Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Singapore Exchnage (SGX) now NIKKEI has become index future in the worldwide, prices movements more slowly than HANGSENG (HSI) HongKong, calculation method using the same with Dow Jones as the unit correlated with the move member of NASDAQ stock index and is also influenced by Europe for many European investors are investing in Japan.
Excellent article on Nikkei stock exchange of Japan.All most stock exchanges are correlated with each other.Investing communities are more interested in Nikkei because of stable movement of its index.Better you should have given the index calcullation of Nikkei stock exchange.

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