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nokia N97


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Sep 29, 2009
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I have heard lot about Nokia 97. And I feel Nokia is the best company in cellphones. I Had seen it in one NOkia shop. Its price is $639.92. Anyone interested to buy it? some of its features are:

- Music Playback

- Widgets

-TFT Touchscreen

- 5 MP Camera With DUAL LED Flash

- 32 GB Onboard Memory


- DVD Quality Video Capture

- 32 GB Onboard Memory
Nokia N97 is a nice and ultra modern Handset.But look at it's price.It is more than $639.The cost is more than a standard Laptop of reputed international brand.It is because of this the market share of NOKIA is in decreasing trend.The Phone is GPS enabled with massive 32 GB internal memory.I think these two features are very important for a modern mobile Handset.
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Nokia N series seems to be quite attractive. But whenever I think of buying one of them the cost factor plays in. Since my university years Ericsson has been my favorite and it is quite hard for me to give up considering the costs of the Nokia's N series phones.