Not paying to renew the company for one more year.

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    This forum is indeed like a treasure !

    i have a question regarding a HK limited company.
    It has director & shareholder nominees, and i am the ultimate benificiary.
    The company exists for 12 months now, the incorporator asks me to pay to renew everything for one more year (HK documents, nominees, ...).
    But because the incorporator was indeed not honest, i would like to not pay him.

    There is a "Power of Attorney" where the nominee mentions that i am the onwer of the company. This document has been signed by the nominee.
    The company does not have any "real" bank account (in a real bank office).
    Three documents contain my signature:
    - one document to open a coorporate account, for an e-wallet that i never used.
    - one document where i mention that i am the ultimate benificiary of the HK company, together with a document to open a coorporate account, for a financial institution based in an exotic country. My funds are in this institution, and i know now that i will never retrieve them.
    The incorporator has certainly a copy of these documents.

    I would appreciate your mind regarding the risk for me to not pay the incorporator for the HK company renewal.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Next step will be to find a good incorporator.