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I want to start a business that is targeting Saudi market. However, it’s almost impossible to have a business in Saudi if you are non-Saudi citizen.

The business idea is based on e-commerce, where people select the product from my site and then I will ship the products to them. The main issue for me is logistics. Where to store the products and then ship them. Could you please advise on the following:

· Creating an offshore company and try to sign an agreement with a local company in Saudi to handle logistics issues in Saudi? I will announce on my website, that this company is our distributor in Saudi.

· Creating an offshore company and sign an agreement with 3PL in China, where I will store the products there and send the shipments to the customer in Saudi?

Please let me know if you have any idea or suggestion?


Thank you for your support.
I will try to communicate them. However, in this case, I will not be able to have an offshore company in UAE. as per the law in UAE, offshore UAE companies are not allowed to have business inside UAE. and I'm not sure if I can have an offshore in other countries (other than UAE) and then have a logistic in UAE.


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If the mentioned agent is good please let us know if you try them.. I want to setup something in the UAE!


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can have an offshore in other countries (other than UAE) and then have a logistic in UAE.
it may be a simple question to some of the agency services that provide UAE company formation! I can't see why not but then again I have never touched this part of the world for company formation and I won't.

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