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Offshore Business structure, how to do that ?

If you don't know why you should make a offshore structure planning, then maybe you are in the wrong direction.

I will give you a few points here.

It is important to make up your goals to see if it is of benefit for you to have an Offshore Company.

Once you realized that it is a good option for (which most do :D ) you will need to find out how you safe TAX without beeing catch because you are doing something illigal.

As soon as you realized and figured out how to do this, you will see that it isn't that easy, which now brings you back to the topic, you will need to ask a tax advisor to do you tax planning ;)
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Well have been learning much since then! This forum has helped me all the way through, simply awesome.

Thanks to MODS and Admins and the entire community :hello: