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Sep 19, 2009
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I have been approached by a local business person who are engaged in diamond polishing and exports.His export firm has also good annual turn over.But he wants to expand his business in overseas locations.So he is thinking to form an offshore company to enjoy tax holidays.

So which location will be best suitable for diamond related offshore company and how he can form that offshore company?
fila1 said:
It might be difficult to say exactly which offshore jurisdiction he should choice, but for this type of activity I would say, Seychelles or Belize might be a good place.
The Belize or Seychelles company formation can easely be formed with nominee services and the business conducted directly from there.
Of course this a fast reply to my post on diamond offshore companies.But you have not mentioned why should I choose Seychelles or Belize for diamond offshore business?what are the tax structure and overall business environments there?I think , marketing strategy will not be favorable in those countries.