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    I have a similar question to what most of the people have asked here, but I still didn't get an answer so I ask it again.

    I have the following situation I would like to open an offshore company + bank account and receive there money. Now it is very important for me that my identity stays hidden, so in any case government for example could never know that im behind that company ... is this possible?

    For example I create a company A, and i'm there a director and a shareholder will the other know that i'm involved? Opening a bank account on company name they will also ask my personal information this will lead again to me.
    How can I organize a offshore company without anything linking to me?

    Another question after creating a company offshore with one or another company online, how can i make sure after sometime they will not just close it? Or just steal it ....

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    You can't protect your identity from governments, even if some claim it's possible I would never run that risk!

    yes they will, since it will be your company, you operate and control it.

    only possible way is darks, speak with @auric
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    1) I cannot protect it? Meaning if i send money to my offshore company, and the governement would like to know to which company i send, they will know that this company is mine as well and i'm just sending money to myself?
    Even if i have nominee director and sharesholder?

    2) using "DARKS"? I have never heard about that ...
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    This is most often how the story ends! The tax office starts asking questions and do research as soon as your name show up on the registrar of the company they will ask even more questions and regardless whatever you answer they will say it is money you send to your self. Only option is a very expensive lawyer or a lot of luck!
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    Do an account upgrade https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/account/upgrades there is everything explained in the Mentor Group. We need to keep that information away from the public forums!