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    Hello everyone,

    I thought I would join the forum since we have a lot of companies who look to host offshore in Curacao and we manage one of the islands cloud hosting facilities.

    If anyone has any questions or requires assistance with regards to offshore hosting, I am here to help!
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    What hosting facility do you manage ?

    any link? company name ?
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    How long have you exist? and did your company had a different name or is part of a other company?
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    The company started in 2006 as a gaming company and at the time we managed a few servers. Due to a major disaster in 2009, we decided to set up a rock solid infrastructure for the business and so we built a redundant cloud environment. We have multiple hypervisors, routers, switches, backup facilities etc. etc. designed to ensure we never go offline again. As you can imagine this was quite a costly exercise and so we decided to make our service available, as an offshore web hosting business, to other companies to help their businesses with redundancy and reliability and to help us afford the massive costs in maintaining the onfrastructure. This is how we started.

    Curacao is one of the leading jurisdictions for Gambling Licensing and the company hosts local and international casinos (including bitcoin casinos) as well as radio stations, financial services entities, banks, other hosting companies, etc. etc.

    The various companies working on the project can be found here: About Us - Curacao Webhosting | VPS Hosting, Shared Webhosting, Gambling Hosting, Dedicated Servers, SSL Certificates & Domain Registration

    We are involved with other projects as well, our pet project is GamblingTec.com which is a licensed entity that provides gambling licensing to game developers.
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    Sounds good, I might host some pages there.