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Offshore Russia VPS hosting?


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Hey guys,
I decided to ask you to help me in choosing the best Russia vps hosting provider.
helpful customer support 24/7,
50 gbs of Hard Disk, 2 GBs of Ram, 2 TBs of bandwidth,Linux.
How is warez-host.com and their Russia vps deals?
What are your views? What host would you choose? Why?


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Use the promo code GROWTH5DS to receive 5% lifetime discount for all new server purchases.

Warez-host.com were recommended by my web design professor because of their 24 hour support and diversity of services.
It was super easy. I was able to figure most of it out myself, but on occasion, would need to call in.


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I'd highly recommend Warez-host.com offshore hosting - The support team are available 24/7 and normally get the job done in a few minutes.
We have had some problems solved, normally with the software we have installed, something they are not even supposed to be responsible for.


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I am really happy to have found warez-host.com Russia VPS hosting service.
I have not been with the company long, but I am extremely impressed so far. Keep up the good work!


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To put it simply, warez-host.com are the best web host I've ever used. Period.
I've hosted numerous sites with these guys now. Superb. Support is Excellent. Not a lot else I can say apart from use them ;-)


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VPS deals from yourlasthost.com and libertyvps.net are worth your attention.
Everything I need from 99% uptime, 24/7 customer support, flexible c-panel, flexible email service feature, easy ftp, storage and many more are provided by them to the max.


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Would you consider this to be anonymous hosting or simple Russian offshore hosting? How is it possible to pay, for instant by bitcoins or other crypto?

Do you have any real Windows VPS with Remote Desktop?
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