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Important! OffShoreCorpTalk: Not a platform for illegal access!

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Dec 29, 2008
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OffShoreCorpTalk is not to be considered as a platform providing access to documents, products or services considered illegal by authorities in various jurisdictions. From financial services to unique products and darks, our company does not provide such things. As a direct consequence, we will not accept scam reports regarding people being tricked into paying for such services or products.

While we do provide access to all kinds of guides regarding such things, we cannot engage into such activities. We cannot sell or provide them. It is important to know that none of our official sponsors does either. Our sponsors include companies – as well as professionals – providing various services in the range of offshore business opportunities, such as company formation, banking or accounting services.

While some of the users on the forum might deal with such services or products, they are not affiliated with OffShoreCorpTalk. Should you get scammed while dealing with someone over our forum, we cannot take too much action against them, so we recommend caution and attention when trying to gain access to such things.

Many people will ask why we do not take scam reports and the answer is fairly simple to understand.

We can control what our users do on our public and private forums – areas that others can access. We cannot control the messages our users send or receive, just like we are not responsible for their signatures advertising links to such products. If you decide to deal with a user in this circumstance, it is 100% your responsibility and risk.

This type of transaction will not be offered by OffShoreCorpTalk. Whether the people you buy things from will not deliver or they cause troubles, you will have to sort this issue outside of our OffShoreCorpTalk forums. Again, while we do provide a few guides regarding tricks involving such products and services, we will not teach our users how to falsify documents or advertise for such services.

What you can do throughout OffShoreCorpTalk is let a moderator or administrator know about what happened. We will then work on the case and try to gather some evidence. If we gain enough evidence to indicate a scam, the best we can do is ban the user associated with the respective product or service – whether selling it or advertising for it.

Placing a scam report should be done privately. Simply get in touch with the administration and provide as much information as possible. Let us know what happened, how it happened and who you dealt with. We will conduct an independent investigation and react accordingly. Starting a scam report or complaint in a public or private forum will not lead anywhere, as such threads will be deleted.

We recommend our users to be careful when being approached for certain services or products. We do not recommend asking for things considered illegal because the OffShoreCorpTalk forum is not a trading platform. While we agree some of our users might be involved with such activities, our forum has strict terms and conditions and we are not responsible for what people do through private messages or outside the forum.

Some may argue that some of our members have paid for premium subscriptions, meaning we are responsible for their presence on the forum. While anyone can pay a premium to access the private forums on OffShoreCorpTalk, we are not responsible for the kind of products and services people sell or deal with in private – as long as they do not go on our forums, breaching the terms and conditions.

A private internal investigation will take place for any potential report, regardless of its nature. We will assess the situation and decide what to do next based on the evidence we can find. However, there is not much we can do to help you personally – the best we can do is ban the respective user. We cannot help you recover your money if you get scammed.

Bottom line, we cannot stress enough to make sure you only buy things from people who you know and trust. The Internet is free for everyone and anyone can sell anything, so be cautious when talking to people who you have no clue about.
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Sorry, but we will not accept it. People don't pay for a signature but for Mentor Group access. The fact that they can setup a signature if they are MG member makes not us liable nor responsible for anything sold.

We have discussed this internally and this is how it will be.

Again, please make sure that all of you do proper research before you buy something from anyone here.
That's how it is now!
Update to the rules!
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