Oh My - have not been here for ages!!

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  1. Safa

    Safa Corporate Services Business Angel

    Well lots has happened here at OffshoreCorpTalk - I see there are looots of active users and service providers around here every day.

    I have been on a live turnaround and therefore been unable (have forgotten about this forum) to post here at all nor to read it.

    Seems time is now to change that and get started from where I left.

    Big thumbs up to Admin and who else is around to keep this forum a live and growing. You can look forward to a supporting membership in near time.
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  2. Samuel Newman

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    Welcome back!
    this forum is the best place to discuss offshore solutions nowadays
  3. moneynetwork

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    Welcome back!
    This is absolutely a great place to learn, help and get help for offshore topic.
  4. Internationaloff

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    Welcome back.
  5. negon

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    Welcome back :)
  6. Admin

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    welcome back :)
  7. fanban

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    welcome back ;)