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Oil prices increasing again


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Mar 3, 2009
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Well, oil prices in the United States are increasing again. What kind of impact do you think this will have on an already poor economy? I suspect that if prices continue to move upward, it will stall any recovery that might be in progress.
Increasing in gasoline will never stop. As the demand of gasoline increase the price will increase. I think all we can do is lessen the usage of it. Carpool, use public transportation makes it much cheaper.
Machida said:
This is the reason why scientist is developing an alternative source of fuel. Some are even developing an electric car but I think that it has a long way to go before we could use it.
True Scientists are developing alternative fuel, I watch once in discovery channel about used cooking oil can be developed as an alternative fuel. As far as electric car goes, I guess this is a bit expensive but I guess will see what happens in the future.
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I believe that you are pertaining to biodiesel when you said something about the cooking oil. It is already been used here in my country. Some police are collecting cooking oil and then they would mix it with diesel to form the biodiesel.
I watched something about a motorbike that is running on pure electric power. They are able to run up to 100 miles. I don’t really know the full details since I saw it the global news and network which I have watched it from never really gives the full report about it.
The oil prices would always increases as the last reserves are being exploited. It is high time that we switch to green energy and to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. We need to be self sufficient in energy with in a short time in future.
Now a days Oil is the very essencial thing for any human being. Doesnt amtter to drive car or motor bike. It is used in our day to day life. Oil prices are increaing gradually so It will obviously going to make tough life for normal people, amd going to affect public transportation too.
I completely agree with you. I am worried about the general transportation, because when oil prises increase then it affects state the most. It tends to increase in vegetables, grocery and even in transportation charges.