Online software company with headache for 6 months



I want to run my online software subscription company with anonymity from clients. Of course banks, payment processors and all that will have to know me.

I have been trying to get a good solution for months and months but have always found some sort of problem.

At the moment I have tried solutions with a company incorporated in the Marshall Islands and the UK. Both have had problems.

With the UK my name and address is visible publicly through companies house.

With the Marshall Islands, payment processors are reluctant to allow us to have accounts and when you do, it's hard to get a bank account. Even if you get that done, payment processors like 2checkout insist that your physical address is somewhere on the website for customers to see.

Has anyone got new ideas or solutions? I'm going crazy here!


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UK company can be owned by another company as far as I know. And/or you can also use a nominee director.

But if you have a B2C subscription service, what's the point of staying anonymous is a good question.


Thanks for your responses.

A UK company can be owned and we can have nominee directors, but I think the ultimate beneficial owner still has to be listed in public.

It's a B2B subscription service. Whilst the product is not illegal there is significant pressure from larger organisations to prevent us and our competitors from operating. Several services have had their payment processing accounts closed as a result of their complaints. They are such a size that companies will give into pressure from them (even Stripe).


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Isn't it possible to use a company to be inserted as directot and shareholder of the company and even as beneficial owner! If so, it should solve your problem.

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