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Does anybody here has a patent attorney/firm to recommend for writing down and applying for a patent?
Ideally good, cheap and trustworthy hi%#
Alternately anybody here has first-hand experience and success with the process? I don't mind sharing the patent and the profits if i get help to bring it to success borg!22-.


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Would help alot to get answers if you say for which country or where you want this lawyer to be?


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i don't care, europe would be a plus, but in the end i'd want to file the patent in different markets, us china japan uk germany and france just to name a few, and as long as the laywer or engineer is trustworthy, it doesn't have to sit in the same place i'm sitting


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Update: i've been googling a bit and found a few law firms specialized on patenting. prices are surprisingly similar, even when one changes from sweden to lithuania.
Anyway, i'd still like some suggestion,if possible, not to blindly go to one or another..
For example, does Cyprus have any expert in this? @Sols do you know anyone recommendable?
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