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  1. black2

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    Hi all,

    I'am looking for payment processor in a sort of gray niche(SMM), I tried applying to several payment processors myself, but research, filling out and contact take a lot of time so I'm considering hiring a payment processor consulting agency instead. I think both their experience and contacts can help in many different ways.

    Have anyone any firms they can recommend?

    What's your experience and how much did they charge?
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    Welcome aboard, there are a few initial question you may answer here in order to get free help ;)

    What is SMM ?
    Is this a startup business or have you been processing payments for a long time?
    Do you have any processing history?
    Where is your company registered and where are you from?
  3. black2

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    Thanks! I've been a silent lurker for a while, but couldnt find any thread about payment processor consulting, I'am sure i'm not the only one interested.

    Social media marketing (payment processors don't seem too interested in doing business with this sector)
    Been using Paypal for about 6months
    Both company and Iam in Sweden.

    I signed up with few payment processors, they rejected my niche, so fastest solution i'am seeing is to get someone with experience to help me get accepted by processors on reasonable terms or do the front shop as suggested in some threads here.

    From my understanding Front shop will require extra steps such as offshore comp and bank(to stay more or less safe from possible repercussion if the front shop got exposed?), which will make it even harder to get accepted by payment processors than a company in sweden.
  4. superman

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    It's hard to for tind a acquiring bank who accept it, this mostly as its in terms of acquiring Banks "new" and has bad reputation. It's not impossible but require much time and all must be absolutely done the right way to pass compliance and then still you need to hold your CB all time low. If you make serious money try it.
    Probably it's easier to go with Proxy-Shop then buy PayPal and Stripe accounts attached to TW/Payoneer, on the market you can get them cheap and replace when blocked.
  5. black2

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    Proxy-shop and PP/2checkout/stripe is the plan for now. I have applied to few Swedish Card Payment Processors too, maybe they won't care much about it, since they probably don't even understand what it is iam selling.