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PayPal 2 accounts


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Jan 12, 2009
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It has come time for me to upgrade my normal account to premier. However, it would be nice to use one account for receiving non-cc payments without fees, so I would like one premier account and one personal. I believe that that is legal, but I would like to make sure.
Yes. You can have one personal and one premier/business account. No need to worry about that.
Yup,Of course..That's legal...Paypal allows 2 accounts(personal & premier/business) per person...
There is no problem if you have 2 accounts. According to the TOS of paypal, if you are a business man, you can have one personal account and one premier account. So that will not be a problem. And you can have more than one paypal accounts. But that is termed as illegal. when you do like this, make sure you do not login with the same IP in both paypal accounts.

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