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Paypal Account Optional - update needed


Sep 10, 2009
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I tried searching the forums and PayPal site, and Google on top of all but I fail to find updated information on which countries allow for Paypal Account Optional and which do not.

Our client uses the standard payments method, being eastern-european country, and the client has Business account all set up (PayPal works and everything), we also tested the Sandbox with the flag on Paypal Account Optional set to 'on', but we see no Paypal Account Optional when trying to purchase from origin country.

Which brings me to the question, is there a list of countries which support Paypal Account Optional anywhere on the website? I found a forum thread (back from 2005) which listed a few countries, but since that was four years ago, it would be good to find updated information which I have not yet found listed under PayPal site itself, even under pages describing Paypal Account Optional and its functionality.

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