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PayPal dealing with scam mails


Offshore Agent
Apr 16, 2009
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I saw a piece of advice in one of the mails PayPal send to me that if I ever get a scam mail claiming to be from PayPal, I have to forward it to a specific PayPal email address. I have a question whether PayPal actually act against these scam mails and their hosts or is it just a step in better corporate management.
I did it a few times.

All you get is a "Thank you" from Paypal and they still need weeks to send the information about the scam mails to their customers.

They really do not care in my opinion.
they do care about their customers if you really get any SCam mails you can forward it to them they 'll do necessary steps to trace those scam mails,because there is a huge chance for them to lose their valuable customers