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Paypal, no transaction fees any longer, great news.


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May 12, 2009
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PayPal decided to remove the fees they charge per transaction. I think it is a good move towards their users, also it looks like they listened to their customers..... A+++

Read the entire story here : PayPal: No More Fees! - BlogTech

I remember the time when I get some payment form one of the sites which I am working for. They have charge me a fee because my boss paid me money that comes from his bank.

Is this applicable with banks too?
Good news, it looks like that paypal is very kind towards its customer, but its not like that, they are only doing this to be there in competition with other peers, it is only competition in the market which gives benefit to the end users. anyway its very good for us to see our full payment coming to our account without any deduction.
wildy said:
Hope that this is not only a rumor.
Paypal was eating a big amount of money from all I was earning on ebay.

Well, do you think this is a part of ebay´s way to get rid of Paypal?
I don't think it is as much as plan on Ebays part as much as a plan on paypals part to compete with electronic banking and other bill paying services thats good news, see ya NCO