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Paypal To Liberty Reserve


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Sep 12, 2009
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I'm also looking for a currency exchange buying Liberty Reserve via Paypal. There doesnt appear to be many exchanges out there willing to do that sort of trade. To be honest i tried to buy LR a few weeks ago but gave up and was only reminded about this when i read this section.
Even i had a hard time changing my money form LR to paypal but i did it through some forums and most guys are out looking for LR money.

And the plus point is that the exchange rates are very good if you have LR and want to change it to paypal.

The ratio is like 1:1.2 or something.

Good luck.
I never went into liberty reserve because i think its least used to get paid in most sites. Many sites either ask for paypal or Alertpay. Is Liberty that good? Why dont you use only Papyal. Better to avoid getting into such exchanges since u lose a bit in the process. Sorry i cant exchange but will say if i find someone thou. :)
With Liberty Reserve, you can use your money in a way that you never can with Paypal. And the fees is very less compared to Alertpay and Paypal. All HYIPs and Betting sites use this as the primary payment mode. And exchanges usually bring in profits if you use LR.
But i dont think paypal charges fees to send money online to others. I have made a few transactions lately and they didnot charge any fees as such. So i prefer paypal still and hmm let me think of joining liberty too and check it out sometime later. :)