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  1. Zeljko

    Zeljko New Member

    Im from Bosnia
    Where can open Bank acount where im will recive montly 1500-3000euro and need bank that not ask much question
    Sorry my English
    Afcourse im will pay good information
    Thnks to All Friends
  2. James Turner

    James Turner Trusted Member Mentor Group Entrepreneur Business Angel

    Do you require a personal or business account? What is your source of income to the account once opened?
  3. Zeljko

    Zeljko New Member

    Im free pragrammer
    Computer service
    Video and Alarm Systems
    But not much work each month can happen somtimes monthy not come money and somtimes 1000,2000,3000
    Here in bank ask emedeatly to open Firma but taxes fee to hight that reason
  4. Zeljko

    Zeljko New Member

    Hi all me again
    im open Leupay verified
    if im reciver monthly 1000-2000e its that ok that not ask me bkz im not hawe company and im Freelancer programmer
    hot its with Paysera there hawe also registered,verified with skype
  5. Zeljko

    Zeljko New Member

    Hi all
    Please can somone tell me how much can recive money on EMI thru year that im under Radar
    2. Who can help me here opet offshore bank or company
    Afcourse im Pay
    Pls PM