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Feb 14, 2009
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I had an personal account with paypal earlier. But i did not know how it got upgraded. They started taking commission in all my income. Is there any way to revert my account to personal account itself? Since i did not know the procedure, i dropped it and created a new account.
It is not possible for an account to be upgraded automatically. My most guess is that you had done it without knowing it or you would have exceeded the personal limit for an account. You have to contact them through mail and downgrade your account again.
My mom's account did that automatically because she was making more money on ebay then what was allowed on the personal account. I believe on the personal account you can only take in so much money during a month and they limit the amount of transactions.
Yes you could have inadvertantly clicked on something that upgraded you. Paypal ha a tendency to add links for all sorts of stuff in its progrmming. Also the agreement says they can amend the agreement at any point
The problem with a personal account it that you can only make so many transactions and this is especially the case when buyers use credit cards to fund their transactions so it would not be suitable for me.