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The normal situation is that you have to substantiate your statements. Not the other way around. And especially if your statements are not credible.

I believe in flying saucers. Until you can prove that they do not exist.

I've been working for the URSSAF and a tax consultancy business back in France so I'm pretty sure I know a thing or two when referring to the countries I've listed, they are ruthless and unlikely the "land of the braves" and known if you've had any business relationships with them so do your research about their economic environment, there is a reason why they aren't listed as primary destinations for any offshore set-up.

As a normal situation believer too, I would have rather appreciated you asking why I'm saying so rather than you coming with some sort of smart ass comment, this forum needs to be kept clean for a reason so I'll return you the other way around thing as you seems being the lesson giver and good luck with the flying saucers.


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If we speak about an offshore set up with those countries, yes it will be difficult.
Crypto, not really friendly too.
But especially in Germany and France the banks are strong , and with right business you can make the magic.


I guess you just don't speak about the same set up and business view.
Thanks David, you have a point though depending on the context it can be argued as there is more to that, just look at their derivatives exposure, solvency capacity and margins.

As an example, in France loan margins are under pressure because people there are remortgaging at lower rates, french banks don't make their money in France anymore but internationally especially SocGen and BNP. French small businesses are having a hard time to get finance from banks confirming their weakness and their unfriendly business environment.

About the German banks, there are too many of them (+2000) and no consolidation, too many branches and employees therefore reducing their income and profit making them nothing but weak requiring constant perfusions from the ECB.

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You can open a 'regular' personal bank account in most EU countries. Either via personal visit or online.

'Offshore' indicates something not very kosher, so your options are limited.

For most 'regular' problems, a solution can be made, however with 'offshore' the risk often outweighs the benefits.
As you also indicated 'cheap' you fall in this "We don't care about your non-return, no monthly recurring revenue, high risk business".
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