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Personal bank account with legit EEA bank


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They're asking to get in touch with CS because most probably they will start the account closing procedure.
That's proparly because they will start closing the account if that happens.


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For EU citizens, registration leads to legal residency.

More info here:

As I wrote earlier, in some countries just ID document is required, somewhere right to live in the address (permission from the owner, rental agreement) is needed. Somewhere you might need to proof employment, sufficient funds etc. But in any case, it is easy.
You are actually right, this is totally relevant for EU citizens. I just realized that I was writing regarding the people who are non-EU.


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Which banks?

I am a bit suspicious of fidor because of these reviews:

Also it is a pain because I don't speak German.

Georgia seems pretty suspicious to me.
I was with Fidor in UK (they closed down due to Brexit). It was a bit limited, EG no standing order or direct debits.


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TransferWise doesn't have a bank license, but they have good limits and don't bother you much. You can try Revolut - they are licensed now, so you will also get protection, but limits are strict and they can block your account without warning - and it can take months to get it back if at all (see forums for many complaints).

Also Paysera is a good option.
Transferwise can be difficult too when it comes to limits. Like they might as for proof of source of funds at some point. Or delay a bigger transaction for 2 working days. I also read they are OK for transactions worth of up to USD 7000 or so. And I can see that being an issue from personal use too.
I would not call that large volume transactions.

Revolut made me a little trouble (asking for proof of source of funds, but after sending passport photo they have been cool about it). But I did not move high volumes. I just like them for travel and virtual cards.
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