pitch mentor group access please?


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I am not interested in services related to darks, nominees, buying documents (as far as pretending to be someone else), breaking any laws or anything that causes big trouble from any government if leaked.

On the contrary, I am interested in clever legal setups. I have a lot questions and I am willing to pay for good answers.

One question that I recently asked which is probably easy to answer for someone into the subject which however didn't get much input...

Legal way to get Paypal business account for Nevis, BVI, Sychelles, Belize, any offshore?

Is mentor group access for me?

Could you pitch mentor group access a bit please? A few specific examples

> Our members are also given the opportunity to ask our team of professional legal and tax advisers questions specific to their situation.

Any guaranteed minimum service? How much questions will they answer or how much time they will effort?


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No guarantees! Mentor Group is not for you!

It's useful for some people and specially for service providers since they otherwise are not allowed to promote their services.

Most important: Mentor Group members help this forum to stay alive and free from alot of advertising in all possible areas of the forum!


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Mentor Group is for all of us that want to support the forum, advertise services and learn new stuff not public available.

If you need help for your setup or want a guarantees service go to Wallmart seems to be your category.


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fuck off OP!

Why should we pitch it, if you are to stupid to see what value it brings to you I have to agree with Admin, it's not for you!

Will be a "happy member" of the Mentor Group :D in a few hours again. The stuff on this forum is worth every single euro I spend here!